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The World's Largest 'Freshwater Playground' Is Located Right Here In Canada

And you can swim in it all summer.
The World's Largest 'Freshwater Playground' Is Located Right Here In Canada

You don't need to hop on a plane and take an extravagantly long flight to some exotic location and have fun this summer. 

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Just look to our very own backyard for inspiration. The Great Lakes of Canada are the largest bodies of fresh water in our vast country and the precious greyish granite shorelines are even more stunning in person than in photos. 

 Some of the more popular areas for swimming, boating, and beaching are located not far north from Toronto, so consider stopping by the big city on the way to your nature escape.

That said, Georgian Bay  Ontario is one of the most beautiful in all of the Great Lakes. Tucked away on Lake Huron - one of the smaller Great Lakes - this bay boasts 1,240 miles of shoreline and is a paradise for fishers, boaters, and all water-sports enthusiasts. 

You can access the crystal blue water from just about anywhere, sandy shorelines included. And  most impressively, paddle out to any of the 32 historic lighthouses and 30,000 islands, making it the world's largest freshwater archipelago

Only accessible by water, the cluster of islands is a sight worth seeing. Imagine gliding through those islands on a kayak or cruiser, sounds like a dream to me.

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For more information on when to visit and where to stay, click here.

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