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The World's Largest Poutine Ever Is Being Created Just Outside Montreal

You and 4,999 of your closest friends can even taste it!
The World's Largest Poutine Ever Is Being Created Just Outside Montreal

Back in 2015 Quebec snagged the Guinness Book of World Records title for biggest poutine with over 7,000 potatoes, 2,000 pounds of cheese curds, 17,600 ounces of sauce totalling a 4,000-pound poutine covered in 600 pounds of pulled pork.

But it’s 2019 now and we’re bigger and better than that. Three cheese factories will be attempting to put that record to shame with a 5,500-pound poutine in Warwick, Quebec on August 3.

And you can even taste the monstrosity when it’s finished.

Don’t think this is all weight and no substance. Fromagerie du Presbytere, Fromage Warwick, and Fromagerie Victoria plan to make this a culinary feast with fresh cheese produced the Friday and Saturday before the event and they are currently tasting sauces to ensure the best quality.

Over 40 fryers will be needed to cook the fries and a 60-foot long table, we’re guessing with extra support built-in, will be brought in to hold all 5,500 pounds of the cheesy, gravy absurdity. 

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For only $10 you can be a  part of history. For the price of a ticket you will get approx 14 ounces (400 grams) of the record-breaking poutine.

This isn’t all consumption, it’s actually for a really good cause. Proceeds of the event will go to Fondation À Notre Santé of the Hôtel-Dieu hospital. An expected 5,000 people will take part which makes for a sizeable donation! 

If all of this poutine talk has made you and 5 of your friends in dire need of a massive poutine, maybe head to Restaurant Barcelos, where they serve the biggest poutine in Montreal - featured in our cover photo.

Warwick likes to claim this was the birthplace of poutine, so it seems like the perfect place to host the event. Godspeed, Warwick! 

Taste The Largest Poutine in the World in Warwick, Quebec

WHEN: August 3 from 1 PM

WHERE: Warwick Gold Star Park in the heart of Warwick City

COST: $10 for 400 grams of poutine


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