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The World's Largest "Tulip Festival" Is In Ottawa And You Really Gotta Go!!! (20 Photos)

Little known fact about me: tulips are my favourite flowers. So you can only imagine how excited I am that Canada has a whole festival dedicated to these gorgeous springtime blossoms!

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Located in Ottawa, the Tulip Festival is one of the largest in Canada. This year, in celebration of Canada's 150th birthday, there'll be four different tulip-themed areas to explore. For more info, check out the official website, right here

Literally, these tulips are the most beautiful thing.

All the springtime vibes!

TBH, these two look so happy to be chilling amongst the tulips!

What's up, special tulips modeled after the Canadian flag?

Pink on pink on pink on pink.

Simply glorious.

Yellow and white tulips should be on the international flag for springtime, TBH.

So bright. So gorgeous.

Red tulips as far as you can imagine.

Yellows and reds, oh my!

It's like a gorgeous, golden carpet of springtime happiness.

Oranges, pinks, purples - legit, any colour you want, right here.

Is there anything that screams springtime louder than yellow tulips?

Majestic AF.

Gorgeous flowers against a gorgeous backdrop.

Okay but this colour contrast though.

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