The Worst Paying Jobs In Canada

You should probably steer clear of these.
The Worst Paying Jobs In Canada

Last week, we were talking about the most useless University degrees in Montreal and we could see that this was a topic our readers were very interested in. It makes sense after all, you don't want to invest years of your life studying only to wind up in a dead end career. Most people go to university because they know it can lead them to better paying jobs.

Click here for the list of the best paying jobs in Canada.

Well if it's money you're after, we can tell you which career paths to avoid.

These are the lowest paying job in Canada in 2015:

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1. Sewing Machine Operator - $19,760

Luckily most of you wouldn't even know where to begin to get this kind of job.

2. Cashier - $20,700

Your only hope is to start a retirement fund by stealing one quarter a day, everyday when no one is watching.

3. Ironing/Pressing - $20,700

Is it any wonder that the most annoying chores also make the worst paying jobs?

4. Artisans - $21,320

I guess that depends on out good your artisanship is. (It's a word, I looked it up.)

5. Bartender - $21,000

The average is probably lower due to all the bartenders who work in crappy bars. Though I'm sure there are plenty of bar tenders that make a good living.

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6. Harvesting Labourer - $19,750

What do you expect? This isn't exactly steady work.

7. Service Station Attendant - $19,750

Sorry, but you'll just have to dream a little bigger.

8. Food/Beverage Worker - $22,000

All the bad parts of being a waiter and you don't even make any tips.

9. Food Counter Attendant/Kitchen Staff - $19,750

That's why my high school lunch-lady was always pissed off.

10. Babysitters, nannies, and parent’s helpers - $19,750

Any job a 12 year old is qualified for probably won't be the most lucrative career choice.

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