The X-Men Movie Is Blocking Off Montreal's Mount Royal For The Rest Of Summer

It's being transformed into Central Park.
The X-Men Movie Is Blocking Off Montreal's Mount Royal For The Rest Of Summer

X-Men: Dark Phoenix, the latest in the new slew of X-Men movies, will be filming on Mount Royal, blocking off certain parts of the park for the rest of August, and some Montrealers are not pleased. 

Since Monday, the production of X-Men: Dark Phoenix has overtaken the parking lot right next the the Smith House. The film’s crew is currently using the space to recreate New York City’s Central Park. 

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Filming on the Mount Royal site will go on until August 25th. 

But folks strolling along Mount Royal won’t be able to access to the surrounding area until August 27th, reports The Gazette.  

It may be longer than that, though. Le Devoir is saying that the area will be closed until September 2nd, since time is needed to deconstruct the set. 

That means a major access point to Mount Royal, one often used by many Montrealers, will effectively be closed for the rest of the summer season. Well, not the “official” summer season (that ends on September 22nd) but everyone knows the end of August is the unofficial end of summer. 

Members of Les amis de la montagne are condemning the decision to allow the X-Men movie to take over Mount Royal for such a long time. With the busy summer season in full swing, along with ongoing 375th anniversary celebrations, limiting access to the ever-popular public park is a bad move on the city’s part, a spokesperson for Les amis de la montagne explained. 

The City of Montreal, however, says filming on Mount Royal won’t be a huge inconvenience. City staff pointed out that the main parking lot on Mount Royal will still be open and the aformentioned area is only going to be fully occupied during the five main days of filming, from August 20th to 25th. 

Montreal’s mayor Denis Coderre even took the time to address the issue, explaining how filming will affect access to Mount Royal on Twitter. Coderre says shooting won’t inconvenience park-goers and will predominantly take place in the evening, adding that the scenes being filmed won’t create a lot of noise. 

The mayor was also sure to add that out of the new X-Men film’s $150 million budget, $75-$80 million are being invested back into the City of Montreal. 

You can check out a screencap of Coderre’s tweet below. 

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