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The Zombie Survival Camp That Needs To Come To Montreal

Perhaps the best summer camp, ever.
The Zombie Survival Camp That Needs To Come To Montreal

Photo cred - Zombie Survival Camp

A real life zombie apocalypse is both a dream and a nightmare. No one really wants to see an undead horded tear through humanity's flesh, but yet you all kinda wish it would happen, just so you can finally guilt-free go nuts with a shotgun and chainsaw on some slow walkers. The Zombie Survival Camp makes your undead dreams come true, letting you live the cinematic magic of a zombie horde without any of the messy brain eating.

In three days, the Zombie Survival Camp teaches you everything you need to know about dealing with the undead. The camp's trainers (which include Canadian Armed Forces vets and weapons experts) teach zombie warriors in-training how to build makeshift shelters, dress wounds, create and use weapons, and teach lessons in unarmed zombie-combat known as Zombie-Jitsu, which probably boils down to "hit them really hard in the head."

At the end of the weekend, the final test is a full-on zombie outbreak scenario, where all the campers are pitted against a zombie horde made up of volunteers/those who couldn't hack it in a zombie apocalypse and got infected.

Training for a fictional disaster may seem ridiculous, but camp coordinators point out that many of the skills learned are applicable to all sorts of dangers and natural disasters. Zombie training could help you out in a The Day After Tomorrow type scenario, but we'd all prefer a Resident Evil style disaster over a lame storm any day.

Based in Ontario, the latest Zombie Survival Camp occurred this past weekend in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The next training sesh is set to bust zombie heads on October 17th to 19th in Orillia, Ontario. Given that the drive to Winnipeg from Onatario is over 20 hours, we're confident that the Zombie Training Camp couldheald over to Quebec if there was enough public interest. Make it happen Montreal.

To get all the info, and register for the next Zombie Training Camp session, head over to the official website and FB page.

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