There Are Nearly 2,000 Secret Treasures Hidden In Montreal

Here's how you can track them down.
There Are Nearly 2,000 Secret Treasures Hidden In Montreal

The world's largest treasure hunt is now underway. Over 2,000,000 geocaches have been hidden around the world by people just like you, all you need to do is log on to their website or download the app and you can locate all the hidden treasures near you. Then you simply choose which one you want to hunt for and let the fun begin. And if you're thinking this is just a U.S. thing, think again. There are nearly 2,000 hidden treasures in Montreal alone.

We're not kidding, take a look at this map of all the Geocaches on the island, there are so many you can't even see the map anymore.

Once you find your treasure, you can sign the log book and document your find on the gerocache website. You can even trade treasures with other geocache hunters. Who knows what you'll find as you explore different parts of Montreal.

People are already posting videos on YouTube of the crazy things they've found so far.

For more information on Geocaching check out the video below or visit their website.


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