There Is A God: McGill Ghetto's Amelio's To Reopen Next Month

Say hola to Amelia's.
There Is A God: McGill Ghetto's Amelio's To Reopen Next Month

Photo cred - @jennwinslade

Okay people, we've received what may be the greatest news our pizza-and-wine-loving-ears have ever heard: Amelio's, the epic BYOW pizzeria that recently closed in the McGill Ghetto, is slated to rise from the ashes like a pepperoni phoenix and reopen in March. Eater Montreal broke the news thanks to a post found on Chowhound, and given some info we've been told from one of our own readers, we're inclined to believe this rumour is true.

On Chowhound's "New & Improved Opening & Closing in January"thread, a community member using the handle of "chezbasson" stated that "Amelio's problems have been resolved," explaining the restaurant will open its doors once more on the first of March, with nothing changed but the name. Citing information gleaned from the Milton Park Community, chezbasson claims an entirely new lease has been signed for the resto, which will be known as "Amelia's" come March.

A reader of MTL Blog, Luke Green, told us the same thing, after we posted about Amelio's unfortunate closure. Green's family apparently own's Amelio's, and while the store did need to close temporarily, he also stated that the restaurant would return in March under the name of Amelia's. Check out the message here.

Officially, Amelio's return is still technically up in the air, though given that two separate people (who admittedly could be the same person) are hyping up the resto's new incarnation, we're going to believe the claim is true. In all honesty, we were so crushed to hear Amelio's was closing that we're willing to take a leap of faith and trust in Green's claim, if only to believe eating their 4-cheese pizza with a bottle of red will be a reality once again.

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