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There Is A Zombie Survival Camp In Canada That Trains You How To Survive The Apocalypse

The ultimate weekend apocalypses adventure!
There Is A Zombie Survival Camp In Canada That Trains You How To Survive The Apocalypse

Have you ever thought about what you would do if all those zombie movies came true and we were forced to fight for our lives in an apocalyptic world?

Well, wonder no more. You can now train to "save your life in any situation," with experienced instructors at this Zombie Survival Camp in Canada. They offer a bunch of camp activities as well as corporate packages to help prepare you for our world's inevitable demise.

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TL;DR Test your survival skills at this Zombie Survival camp that teaches you everything you need to know to make it through a zombie apocalypse and then tests your skills in a real-life zombie simulation!

The camp started in 2013 and they now travel around the country training people in wilderness "survival, self-defence and self-reliance". They run weekend long camps as well as corporate packages that last a couple hours.

The camp focuses on three main tenants: adaptability, sustainability and community. Their goal is to empower campers with "real life-saving skills" while simultaneously turning them into "zompocalyptic badasses."

Each of the six instructors has a speciality that they bring to the camp which makes sure campers leave with a well-rounded arsenal of zombie fighting techniques.

There's The Soldier, The Jedi, The Hunter, The Strategist, The Butcher and The Postman. Their specialities are Field Tactics, Zomjitsu, Archery, Wilderness Survival, Weapons and Communications, respectively. There are also often guest instructors who bring extra-special skills to the table. 

The weekend camp starts on Friday evening where campers meet their fellow survivalists, play some games and enjoy a bonfire.

Saturday starts with tactical yoga, archery and zomjitsu followed by field tactics, weapons training and learning about wild edible plants. In the afternoon, learn the art of fire craft, survival knots and how to build shelters. Later, learn some apocalyptic first aid before taking in tools, weapons and other kinds of swag at the survival expo. The night finishes the only way a Saturday night at Zombie Camp should... with a Zombie movie, duh!

Sunday is your day to shine and use all the skills you've learned. The "ultimate outbreak adventure" comes to life with the Zombie Apocalypse simulation.

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The next Zombie Survival Camp will be located in Orillia, Ontario, right on beautiful Lake Couchiching on the weekend of October 4th to 6th, 2019.

The camp is 18+ and you can get all the details on the next weekend camp in Orillia, Ontario at their full site here.

Also, zombies are ALWAYS wanted and anyone under 18 can participate if they are accompanied by a parent or guardian. If you can't make it up for the whole weekend, come up just for the Sunday simulation and get your zombie on. It's a volunteer gig, but lunch is included.

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