There Is An All-New Google Chrome Extension That Will Switch Your Every "Yes" To "Yas"

Yas Queen!
There Is An All-New Google Chrome Extension That Will Switch Your Every "Yes" To "Yas"

If you are a gay man, a GaGa lover, or a Drag Race watcher then you know the power of a good "YAAAAAS!" 

And if you're into the new Netflix original Queer Eye, then you've seen the power of YAS in action in pretty much every episode.

Well, the boys of Queer Eye have teamed up with Google Chrome to create an extension that will swap your every "yes" to "yas," as we are LIVING for it.

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TL;DR If you're dying to make your online browsing experience more fierce and fabulous, look no further than Chrome's new YAASSS by Queer Eye extension that will switch your every "yes" immediately to "yas"!

The origin of this fabulous cry likely began long before the video above, but as far as the Internet is concerned, this is where it all began. One lone GaGa fan, screaming into the ether.

The phrase was then quickly picked up by Tumblr and Twitter users far and wide. 

It also picked up appreciation from Broad City fans, who have a tendency to add "Kween," to the end.

Now, the boys from Queer Eye are hoping to change your EVERY "yes" into "yas"... with a Google Chrom extension that will swap the vowel for you!

The Chrome web store overview explains: "This extension changes every 'yes' to YAS, so you can feel like the fierce queen you are through every browsing experience."

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The extension already has several 5-star ratings on the Chrome Web Store (don't worry, the extension itself is free), so if you're not worried about sending a "Yas sir" to your boss, you should totally go for it.

And if you do, be sure to tweet your experience to the Queer Eye Twitter account!

We NEED to see how your internet experience has changed with our new YAS Chrome Extension. Drop us some hilarious screenshots below 😄👇

March 14, 2019

What's the worst thing that could happen!?

To install the extension, head to the Google Chrome extension page here.

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