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There May Or May Not Be A Snowstorm In Montreal This Weekend

Photo cred - Ryan Reisert

Hate on me for being cliche if you like but the inner GoT fan in me cannot help but say that this weekend, winter is coming. Or, as is more accurate to say, winter could be coming if certain weather reports are correct.

Saturday may be the symbolic (and not actual) start of the winter season as weather forecasts predict some light snowfall on the first of November. We knew it was going to happen eventually folks, so don't get too surprised, but nothing is set in stone, so this could all simply be unfounded speculation.

Now, we're far from being weatherologists (or meteorologists, as they're more popularly known) but there is some legit evidence to suggest that snow is going to fall this Saturday.

What first pointed us towards an early snowfallis this long report detailing how the northeastern United State may experience some falling flakes between Friday and Saturday. Montreal is not part of 'merica (thank the Lord) but we are pretty close, so a cold front coming to hit the northeastern US would likely affect us, and if they're getting snow, its likely we would too.

From there we decided to get some Canada-specific weather reports, and found information that was far from reassuring. According to the government of Canada's weather report, Saturday will be cloudy with 40% of flurries. In other words, the site says snow will cometh on Saturday. Check out the weeklong prediction below.

Bolstering the above information is's forecast for Montreal on Saturday. On their weather maps, Montreal is expected to experience a high of around 0 degrees Celsius and a potential low of -5, with 0.1" of precipitation predicted. Freezing temperatures plus precipitation is basically a recipe for snow, for those who also aren't weatherologists.

Now to play devil's advocate, which is a much more positive stance in this snow-talk. Five days is a long time, and as we all know, Mother Nature is quite a moody woman, so forecasts made today may not hold up as the week moves forward. Given tomorrow's sudden warmth, and forecasts from other sources (like my iPhone) which don't call for snow, the forecast seems even more unlikely.

Snow in Montreal as early as November first isn't unheard of, so at least take the potential probability of snowfall on Saturday as a warning of things to come. Get your winter gear ready folks, because even if the flakes don't fall, snow is coming soon enough.

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