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There Was A Huge Water Leak In The Montreal Eaton Centre Today

Employees quickly moved shoppers to safety.
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There Was A Huge Water Leak In The Montreal Eaton Centre Today

With the Labour Day long weekend about to commence, Montreal residents are gearing up for three days of mini-vacations and leisure before we launch into the fall season.

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Indeed, September will be quite a busymonth for the city. As summer festivals give way to autumn festivities and thousands of students return to the city for the beginning of the semester, Montreal will be buzzing with fresh activity.

Labour day weekend is also the perfect time to stock up on fall fashions and accessories, especially for students with a little money to spend to prepare for the months ahead.

Of course, the Montreal Eaton Centre is the go-to destination for downtown retail stores.

But this morning, some mall patrons were unlucky enough to be on-scene when suddenly a massive amount of water began pouring from the ceiling.

In a video posted to Reddit by user Cragnous, water can be seen tumbling like a waterfall from multiple points at the lower level of the Centre as officials try to keep shoppers at a safe distance.

Watch the video here:

Big water leek in underground Centre Eaton today.


According to an Eaton Centre spokesperson, the leak will not affect regular store hours and crews are already at work to clean it up.

The Montreal version of the famous Toronto mall is undergoing some serious renovation to make its shopping experience more dynamic.

There's no word whether the leak was related to that construction.

But rest assured that the Eaton Centre is still safe for shoppers.

    Thomas MacDonald
    Senior Editor
    Thomas MacDonald is a Senior Editor for MTL Blog focused on Montreal public transit and is based in Montreal, Quebec.
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