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There Will Be 50 New Restaurants In Montreal Tomorrow

Delicious eats right on your street.
There Will Be 50 New Restaurants In Montreal Tomorrow

Convenience plays a pretty key role when picking out a place to eat. Don't lie, you know you're more willing to pick up something around the corner (or have it delivered) than trek it out of your neighborhood, it's just how hunger and laziness work.

Unfortunately, you've fell into something of a food rut; you've already been to every eatery in your direct vicinity and you'd rather not order off of JustEat again. And God forbid you cook anything, that's for peasants, not that you could create anything more elaborate than ramen.

Wouldn't it be nice if there was a swift injection of culinary variety in your area? A few new nearby restaurants that offer unique dishes you haven't yet tried?

Well tomorrow, you'll get your foodie wish granted, with the dawn of Restaurant Day in Montreal.

For those unfamiliar, Restaurant Day is a regular tradition in Montreal and around the world.

The concept is pretty simple: Restaurant Day allows just about anyone to create a pop-up eatery anywhere in a city (apartments, alleys, sidewalks, you name it) for a single day. And for the last time in 2015, that day will be tomorrow, Saturday, November 21st.

A total of 50 "restaurants" have been registered for the 8th edition of Restaurant Day Montréal, with the list of delicious menu items including smokehouse BBQ, meal-sized soups, veggie burgers, artsinal choclate creations, Persian tapas, waffles, vegan chili, grilled cheese, and even sushi!

No doubt there will be an eatery that will fit the fancy of your taste buds.

Each pop-up-resto has a different opening and closing time, but in general, most places open around 11am for lunch and close in the late afternoon/early evening.

To find out which restaurants are nearest to you, head over to the Restaurant Day interactive map, which will also let you know what each resto is serving and for how long.

Happy eating everybody!

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