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Montreal Is Hosting A Nintendo Mario Kart Tournament

You and your friends will be playing on an IMAX screen.
Montreal Is Hosting A Nintendo Mario Kart Tournament

Photo cred - twitter/centresciences

Starting April 16th, Montreal's Centre Des Sciences in collaboration with Ubisoft is celebrating video game history with their Game On exhitbit. We were contacted by their spokesperson who informed us that stating in May, the center will be holding special theme events (18+) in the Old Port that will include drinks, snacks, food and a chance to play against your friends on IMAX screen!

Just imagine witnessing the glory of Luigi's death stare as you beat your friends mercilessly at Mario Kart on a 7-storey screen.

In addition, they will be holding a massive video game and arcade exhibit. This isn't some museum where you'll just be looking at old arcade games, every arcade (100 in total) will be available for you to try so you can take a trip through the history of video games by replaying all your old favorites.

Rediscover all the classics and experience the future of video games by testing out the Oculus Rift headset everyone's been talking about.

The exhibit is called Game On and the idea is to offer every Montrealer a chance to test every game, that's why starting May 1st, the Centre Des Sciences will be extending it's opening hours on weekends.

Click here for more info or to buy your tickets.




— Centre des sciences (@centresciences) April 2, 2015

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