There's A "Cannoli Battle" In Montreal This Summer

I 'cannoli' imagine the delight!
There's A "Cannoli Battle" In Montreal This Summer

ALL MY DREAMS ARE COMING TRUE! If you love ricotta cheese filled shells just as much as me, then your life will official be complete after you attend Montreal's first-ever cannoli battle occurring next month.

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This cannoli battle is taking place Sunday, August 13th, 2017 at 2:00PM in honor of Montreal's Italian week. ALL Italian bakeries in Montreal will be participating to win the title of "Best Montreal Cannoli".

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You can catch the spectacular battle at the Jean-Talon main stage as bakers put their blood sweat and tears into making the traditional Sicilian pastry that will have your mouth watering. 

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The competition will be FIERCE and the judges BRUTAL to determine the ultimate cannoli in the city. So, get your taste buds ready and prepare to taste heaven as you attend the cannoli battle this summer, PLUS IT'S FREE.

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