There's A Halloween "Night Of Horror" Near Montreal Where You'll Be Chased, Kidnapped, And Petrified

We are officially in fall – with the creepy fog that enveloped the city this morning, I'm sure it got a lot of you thinking about Halloween. 

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The countdown is officially on: Halloween is only 6 weeks away! That means lots of scary movies, parties, and of course the events that will make you scared sh*tless. I personally can't wait for all of the scariest attractions leading up to Halloween – that's the fun part. 

If you're also into being petrified, I have just the event for you, it's called The Night Of Horror, happening just outside of Montreal in Drummondville. Just to give you an idea of how terrifying this event is, their tagline is "A Night In Hell." I'm scared just thinking about it! 

Via Night of Horror

Watch your nightmares come to life on either September 29th or October 12th and choose a package based on how brave you're feeling. If you think you can withstand 12 hours of being pettrified, now's your chance. 

Via Night of Horror

So, what exactly will your nightmare entail?

All night, you'll be chased, attacked, forced to eat disgusting things, and even buried alive. 

The Night Of Horror involves a bone chilling story based around a cursed village – Notre-Dame-des-Six-Pains. Apparently there's a priest that wants revenge and everyone in the town knows not to go around the Notre-Dame-des-Six-Pains after sunset – except for you. 

Via Night of Horror

You do have the choice of the "level" of torture you want to endure and length of time. You can choose to be a spectator your friends being tortured while you stand by. If you really want to face your fears, you can stay for 12 hours and receive electric shocks, dragged, and suffer minor psychological and physical abuse. 

You'll definitely be wishing you were watching a horror movie and not experiencing one by the end. 

For more information and to purchase your tickets visit their website