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There's A Hidden Alley In Montreal's Old Port That Will Instantly Transport You To Europe

Walk along the streets of Montreal and have a look around, I mean - really take a good look around, and you will be surprised at the amount of charming little hidden nooks and crannies you will find.

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Montreal is full of little secret hidden gems of all kinds. The Old Port is an extra special place with an unmistakable historical charm where we find can easily find these gems like nowhere else in the city.

I have written before about the famous neon light alleyway located next to Flyjin in the Old Port.  This alleyway is one of the most Instagrammed places in Montreal and is actually special because it's only lit up for special occasions. 

We discovered another super charming and oozing-with-European-charm alleyway right off St-Paul street leading to a super cute local boutique called Maison Pepin.

They call it " La Cours Pepin" as you can see from the photo it's quite beautiful and giving seriously strong streets of Paris vibes.

La Maison Pepin is a local boutique that curates unique hand-crafted items from the region, everything from clothing, jewelry, to home decor, it's the type of store you want to bring a friend from out-of-town to get a real feeling for Montreal and Quebec as a whole.

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To check out this alleyway and courtyard yourself see Maison Pepins Instagram HERE and Facebook page HERE.

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