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There's A Huge "Hackathon" Competition Happening In Montreal This September

Are you the byte this tech competition is phishing for?
There's A Huge "Hackathon" Competition Happening In Montreal This September

It's no secret that most people are quick to judge us millennials. Perhaps their biggest gripe about those of us who grew up with LimeWire, MSN, and the Razr? Our apparent addiction to technology.

They say we're constantly glued to our cells and laptops, but there's no denying that our technophile generation has the upper-hand in certain areas - like hacking, for example!

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There was once a time when "hacking" had a bad rep. Today, on the other hand, it plays a valuable role in accelerating digital transformation in large organizations. Plus, it's one of the activities in which we tech-savvy millennials thrive most. 

So much so that hackathons are a legit thing nowadays! 
If you're one of the many tech-savvy individuals, e-learning developers or learning specialists interested in this type of fun, intellectual competition, then you're definitely going to be pumped about participating in IATA Training's Hackathon.


If you haven't heard of IATA, they are the organization that represents commercial airlines across the globe (more than 290 of them!). As the leader in the aviation industry, every year, IATA Training trains thousands of aviation professionals and businesses all over the world. They're committed to generating careers and producing a workforce that helps makes the aviation industry safe, secure, and sustainable.

Since Montreal happens to be a true global aviation hub (we've got ICAO, Air Canada, Air Transat, Bombardier, CAE, Pratt & Whitney and many more right in our own backyard), IATA Training is looking to gather hackathon teams here, all competing to win four different challenges. The ultimate goal? Designing a new mini e-course for training purposes that'll actually be used by aviation professionals.

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As a participant, you'll essentially be creating mini courses through a series of challenges, to presentIATA content in a user-friendly manner. There’ll be four challenges in total over 24 hours focusing on creating a user-friendly training solution in the form of micro-learning courses.

If you're down to develop an online micro-learning course that'll be interactive and learner-centric, and used as a pilot project for IATA Training, then put your hacking skills to the test! This is a unique and exciting tech challenge that could potentially have a huge impact on a global industry, like influencing the development of future aviation industry leaders. Plus, the shot at winning a cash prize and, who knows, even the possibility to work on future projects with IATA!

Via Alvaro Reyes

So round up your squad, form an unbeatable team, and embark on an unforgettable 24-hour hacking experience. Participation is FREE, but hurry and register! You have until August 24 to register online for the IATA Training Hackathon.

Important Information:
IATA Training
IATA Training Hackathon Competition
September 8-9, 2018
Nixa Headquarters | 465 St-Jean, suite 702, Montreal

Keep up with IATA Training through their website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and check out previous global IATA hackathons on their Youtube channel!

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