There's A Secret Mini Legoland In Canada

Some serious nostalgia.
There's A Secret Mini Legoland In Canada

There are just certain toys that bring up nostalgia, like tamagotchies, polly pockets, barbies, beanie babies, and let's not forget the mothership of them all: legos. 

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TL;DR With a quick plane ride to Toronto, you can relive your childhood memories! You have to check out the Legoland at the Toronto Discovery Centre. The best part is that there's an "adults only night."

Legos are one of those gender neutral toys – that any sex could and does play with. Along with that, there are so many cool things you could build: from towers, buildings, cars, villages – the list of possibilities is never-ending. 

You can relive your childhood memories by visiting this amazing secret mini Legoland in Canada. 

It's called The Legoland Discovery Centre and there's no excuse not to go and play here. The best part is that if you don't have kids (or want to be around them), you can simply go to their "adults only" night, the last Friday of every month. 

Other things you can experience at Legoland in Toronto:

  • Largest Lego Flag made from 250,000 legos
  • 4D cinema
  • Lego "miniland" 
  • A Legoland Discovery shop to build whatever comes to your imagination
  • Exhibits 

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Tickets vary by date and time of entry, but right now you can purchase them online for only $15.60! 

Check out this cool video of the largest flag being made out of 250,000 legos! 

For more information and to purchase your tickets check out their website 

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