There's A "Mini-Venice" Just Outside Of Montreal You Probably Didn't Know About

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There's A "Mini-Venice" Just Outside Of Montreal You Probably Didn't Know About

There's so much more to Montreal than just the island we live on.  Just get on the highway and drive one quick hour in most directions and you will be hit with some of the most beautiful communities in the province.

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One area, in particular, is called Saint-Zotique.  It's located just west of Montreal off the 401. The famous Saint-Zotique beach is located here as well.

What makes this area really special, though, is a neighborhood called Notre-Dame-Des-Riviere and it's been compared to Venice in Italy because of its network of canals connected all the houses in the community.


26 canals - a total of 25 KM of waterways -  have been built to connect all the 75 houses in the neighborhood and the residents are able to get from door to door by boat only. How cool is that!

Apparently, this neighborhood is an extremely tight community where everyone who lives there knows each other well.  As you can imagine, in the summer months, the residents participate in all kinds of water activities including fishing.

Looks like an incredible place to live to me!

If you're interested in knowing more about this town, you can watch a short yet super entertaining video created by Journal De Montreal as part of a fascinating new series called  "Routes et Curiosités du Québec".Watch the video here!

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