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There's Actually A Dictator-Themed Restaurant In Montreal Called "Vladimir Poutine"

Thanks to Trump, we all know of the infamous Vladimir Putin, unless you've been living under a rock.

Ah yes, the president of Russia, where, frankly, nothing has come from his leadership... until now!

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Nope this is not fake news – there's a restaurant in Montreal cleverly named Vladimir Poutine! This restaurant has been open since March of last year and is located in the heart of downtown.

Not in the mood for Putin? You can try their other dictator-themed poutines like Mussolini, Fidel, Kim and Napoleon. 

There's also some hysterically named burgers – Bush, Chavez, and yes even the notorious Trump. 

If the name doesn't make you want to instantly go there (it's absolutely witty), the food definitely will. This restaurant definitely has our attention. 

Vladimir Poutine offers a lot, everything from catering, to an outdoor patio, poutine and cute-bite sized burgers. Even the decor of the restaurant resembles the Kremlin. 

If it's your birthday, you're going to want to head there with your friends. They're offering a great deal: a table for 5, a FREE meal and FREE champagne! 

The perfect spot to head to this weekend! 

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Check out Vladimir Poutine's Facebook for more information. 

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