There's An 18+ Haunted House In Montreal Where People Will Try To Operate On You

Your nightmare IRL
There's An 18+ Haunted House In Montreal Where People Will Try To Operate On You

As soon as it's October, I start counting down the days until Halloween. The best part about Halloween is all the scary things that come out to play. I have to say I always think I enjoy getting scared even though I'm a big scaredy-cat. 

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TL;DR As October hits, there's one thing on everyone's mind- Halloween. With so much to see and do during this month, we've found the scariest, stomach-turning one of them all- Malefycia. Here, your worst nightmares will come to life, as you walk through the most terrifying house. Tickets range from $35-55 and the event is taking place all through October. 

When my friends want to go to haunted mansions, corn mazes, or see a scary film in theatres, I'm usually the first to volunteer. Thankfully, the best place to be for Halloween is definitely Montreal. There is always something going on and no shortage of frights. 

If you're looking for something extra terrifying to do for Halloween, I have just the thing for you! Imagine being in another realm where all your nightmares come to life...

Via Malefycia

The Malefycia haunted house promises to be the more freightening event in Montreal this year. Back for its 4th year, the venue is more terrifying than ever!

For about 1 hour, you'll wander through eerie, gruesome and downright blood-curdling scenes.  

This year's theme is titled "Zone 4" and focuses with excrutiating detail on the weird military procedures and experiments going on by the most sadistic villain of them all – The Man. 

Even while you wait for the main event, there will be frights and scares, so watch your back because you never know who could be lurking behind you! 

Via Malefycia

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From now until the end of the month, you can have the most frightful experience! Tickets range from $35-$55, depending on the night you choose, and can be purchased here. 

The event will be taking place at 2085 Rue Drummond

Watch out, you might be their next experiment. 

Watch the video for this year's experience! 

Check out their website for more details!