There's An Enchanted Forest Near Montreal That You Won't Believe Is Real (Photos)

Fall is a magical time itself, with the changing of the leaves, and the changing of the breeze. There's definitely something special about this time of year. 

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Speaking of magical – there's an insanely cool enchanted forest that you have to see to believe! The best part is that it's just outside of Montreal, in Quebec's Coaticook Gorge Park, just under 2 hours from the city. 

You can walk through this outherworldly place, called "Foresta Lumina," equipped with sensational lighting, sound-tingling music, all the while being enveloped in a magical force. 

Via Foresta Lumina

Feel the magic while you walk along the 2km path of Foresta Lumina and be taken to another world completely. 

Via Foresta Lumina

Not only is there a magical pathway you can stroll through, but you can also walk along the longest suspended footbrige in Canada!

If you haven't had the chance to visit this mythical place this summer, what better way to truly enjoy fall that to experience this mesmerizing landscape? 

This magical forest won't be around forever, though, it will be running until October 13th! 

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Via Foresta Lumina

Via Foresta Lumina

Tickets are only $16.09 for adults. 

Free shuttles are also being offered to visitors from downtown Coaticook.  

Via Foresta Lumina

Via Foresta Lumina

Check out this video of this incredible forest! 

Check out their website for more information!