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There's An "Igloo Rooftop Christmas Village" Close To Montreal And You Need To Go

Little known fact about me: the holiday season is pretty much my absolute favourite time of the year.

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Honestly, I'm not too sure why. All I know is that the holidays are my absolute bae, and I'd pretty much travel basically anywhere if there was something cool and holiday-themed enough.

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Like, for example, these awesome igloo tents in New York City.

Situated on the (heated) rooftop bar of the 230 Fifth building (230 5th Ave, New York, NY), these igloos are made from PVC, making for some seriously gorgeous views of the Big Apple.

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While you're chilling in this legit urban igloo and enjoying all the seasonal views and holiday vibes that New York has to offer, you can also sip some holiday themed cocktails, like spiced whiskey martinis.

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Granted, NYC is a bit of a drive out of Montreal (about six hours, more or less), but New York is honestly magical during the holidays.

It's more than worth a visit, and these magical igloos just enhance an already awesome experience.

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