There’s No Better Place To See Fall Colors Than Right Here In Quebec

Brb. I'm enjoying the best views this province has to offer.

Why would anyone leave this province? It is the best place in the entire world. I mean there's so much to do and so much to see.

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Especially in Fall. Since Quebec is surrounded by so many forests, it is not a secret that when Fall season arrives, the province gets a huge makeover. You don't need to travel somewhere else to see something different because if you look around you, Quebec is not the same when it's Fall. In fact, there is no place like Quebec to see so many colors all at once and here are those places:

1. Mont Megantic

Monter des montagnes en automne, c'est juste magnifique! ???

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While ascending the Mont Mégantic you can not only explore the mountain, but also discover the ASTROLab and the astronomy observatories. There is also more than 120 species of birds that add more beauty to the landscape in Fall.

2. Cap Tourmente National Wildlife Area

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To be honest, it is a bit odd to get there since it's not a major or even big road, but it is 100% worth the trip. You can admire the gorgeous landscape comprising the St. Lawrence River, large coastal marshes, lowlands and mountains all at once. It is also a major bird watching site in Canada where you can witness the impressive flocks of Snow Geese that migrate in Fall.

3. Mount Royal Park

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There are many spots where you can see Fall in Montreal such as the Belvédère Kondiaronk. You can walk your way through the colorful trees until you reach the summit, or you can drive to the top if you don't have much time. Both ways have amazing views. Plus, it's right in the middle of Montreal. We're so lucky.

4. Mont Orford

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There is only one word to describe this mountain: 'WOW!' and it is only an hour and a half away from Montreal. Also, this weekend there is a famous event called the “Flambée des Couleurs”. If you're free, you should go there. Enjoy a hybrid chairlift (chairs or gondolas) and experience an unbelievable and colorful fall trip.

5. Canyon Sainte-Anne

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It is a breathtaking canyon carved into the bedrock by the powerful Sainte-Anne Falls, which is even higher than the Niagara Falls. You can enjoy the view of Fall while standing on the highest bridge in Quebec: it is 60m above the gorge. If you aren't scared of heights, you can zip line over the trees and try 3 via Ferrata.

6. Mont Tremblant

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To enjoy the colors that are so vivid and unbelievable in Fall, Mont Tremblant is the perfect spot. It's like looking at a postcard since it looks so unreal. Tremblant’s pedestrian village will help you recharge your energy before the arrival of the winter season. People from all over the world come to Tremblant to enjoy an incredible escape at the top of the highest peak in the Laurentians while taking in the spectacular transformation of nature. Throughout the fall season, you can go to the top by gondola, go hiking or even go golfing.

7. Sutton, Quebec

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Mont Sutton is kind of the Valhalla of the northern trees. Since the leaves turn yellow-orange it's one of the most beautiful places to witness the Canadian Fall. Also, visiting the old fashioned style of the town and its alleys will make you go back in the 80's. This whole place is just so cozy, which is perfect to add to you Fall vibe. Plus, this weekend is the last one to celebrate fall during the Mont Sutton Fall Festival.

You can see the most insane fall foliage that you've been waiting for all year.

8. Mont du Lac des Cygnes

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The Mont du Lac des Cygnes is located in the Parc national des Grands-Jardins. The summit offers an impressive view of Charlevoix and if you look under your feet, you'll be able to see a mountain full of beautiful colors.

 9. Etang Baker

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This heart-shaped lake is inside a really colorful forest. The lake is 7.5 km so you can spend the whole day walking around and taking pictures. It is in Quebec near Mont Gauvin and Mont Foster. It offers an enchanting site for all activities.

10. Grenville

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This little town in Quebec is perfect in so many ways: it is not that far from Montreal and there is so many exquisite fall foliage.

Click here to know more about this enchanted village.

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