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There’s Nowhere More Magnificent During The Fall Than This Mountain Hike In Quebec

Alright, raise your hand if you love hiking. Is your hand raised? It should be, friend, because hiking is highkey amazing.

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Although we have plenty of spots to go hiking in the city (Mount Royal is gorgeous in the fall, guys), and even some highkey awesome places to get your hike on in Quebec... well, I feel like nothing really compares to one special spot.

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Mont Orford is a stunningly gorgeous mountain situated in Orford, Quebec, about an hour and a half drive out of Montreal.

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The mountain itself is located in the Mont Orford National Park, and although it's tailored to be the perfect hiking experience during the fall (thanks to the gorgeous fall colours that engulf the area), there are also plenty of other things to do and see.

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They've got tons of super fun activities to do, like skiing and torch-lit snowshoeing (!!) in the winter.

There's wildlife watching in the winter and in the summer (you can see birds, deer, and more). They have canoeing, kayaking, stand up paddling... basically, friends, they've got it all.

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And if you're down to stay the night? No worries. They have campgrounds, including huts that are straight-up ready to camp in, they have cabins... TBH, they have whatever you need to get cozy in the woods.

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Honestly, I don't throw around the word "glorious" very often. But this spot? Purely glorious.

Plus, if you're down to hike Mont Orford this month, Concordia Outdoors is hosting a hiking event on October 23, open to both students and non-students alike.

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Sound like the most fun spot you can go to this year? Then check out Mont Orford's website for more information.

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