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These 10 Adorable Dogs Are Up For Adoption Right Now In Montreal

Ready to make your house a fur-ever home?
These 10 Adorable Dogs Are Up For Adoption Right Now In Montreal

Have you ever thought about bringing a fur baby into your family? Have you dreamt about one day adopting a dog... maybe even this winter?

Well you're in luck! Because these 10 dogs are all available for adoption right now in Montreal. Give yourself the gift of unconditional love this Christmas — and give it right back to your little pooch pal by rescuing them from a shelter.

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TL;DR Below are ten sweet pooches that are available for adoption in Montreal right now!

So, of course, I have to start this article by saying — if you're thinking of adopting a dog, please do your research. Rescues and other dogs that have had previous homes and owners come with a history.

Don't let yourself be another disruption in a dogs life — if you welcome a pooch into your home, be sure you're ready to dedicate time and energy into that sweet little creature.

Ok, now with that out of the way, it is my pleasure to introduce...



Max is a sweet grampa boy that still loves going for walks and getting to know new friends. He's a 10-year-old Chihuahua and has used all his time on earth learning to be a supreme snuggler. He's totally house-trained and his vaccinations are up-to-date. Unlike some pups his size, he's not a huge barker but can be nervous around new big dogs.

Get more information here or sponsor Max until he finds his fur-ever home here.



Dixie is a Boxer / Lab Retrievevr mix that is blind but not bashful! She still has some vision so most people think she's just a little clumsy... but get her around some pups in the dog park and she's fearless. Vaccinations are up to date and she's spayed.

Click here more information about adopting Dixie.



Harvey is a sweet old Parson Russell Terrier that still has a ton of pep in his step for being 10 years old. He makes a great pal on a walk and will totally play fetch until your arm is sore. He's gotten picky with food in his seasoned age but is the opposite of picky with the company he keeps. He loves playing with other dogs and having a yard to bounce around in.

Get more info about Harvey here or click here to sponsor him.



Look at this sweet little girl!!! Pixie is a Pit Bull Terrier mix and, boy, she's been through a lot. She was rescued with two broken legs and severe allergies that had gone untreated for way too long. Now she's back to full health and is the happiest, snuggliest little girl you'll ever meet. Because of her troubled past, she can be very uncomfortable around other dogs. She's only 5 years old so she's not to be given up on — she's been getting better and better at staying calm on the leash while she's out on her walks.

Get more information about adopting Pixie here.



Camille is a Greyhound/Husky mix with a TON of energy. If you'd like to have someone to come along with you on your morning runs, Camille is your girl. She's three years old and could really use a brother or sister-like dog in her life. She can be really anxious when left alone and having another dog in the house would really help with that.

She's currently at the Monteregie SPCA and they're open for adoptions on Thursdays and Saturdays between 2 and 4 pm. Get the full scoop here.



Krypto is a big and beautiful Samoyede that, as a Northern breed, needs lots of exercise. He loves getting as many pets from as many people as possible and his fun sometimes translates into nibbles but it's never to be mean!

Samoyede's are great for tricks, as long as they get treats! Krypto is also great and super affectionate with kids, so if your home has kids make sure they are ready for kisses galore!

Get more info about Krypto here or click here to sponsor him while he waits to find his furever home!



Skid is described as being active outside and a "big potato" inside. Ah yes, a dog after my own heart. He's two years young and gets along great with other dogs and older kids. He's got some separation anxiety so he definitely does best in a situation where there's an adult present at all times! Also since he just had surgery on his femur he's best off somewhere where stairs aren't a necessity, at least at the beginning.

Get more info about adopting Skid here.



Beau is a beautiful (and aptly named) Lab Retriever that is only one year old! He's a bit nervous due to his uncertain puppyhood, but with some patience he'll catch on to this whole socialization thing. He's good with other dogs, is totally housetrained, super playful, and eager to learn. Like all Retrivers, he's also eager to please, so there's no question he'll be down for learning tricks in no time.

Get more info about Beau here, or sponsor him here.



K please look at this beautiful girl. She has more sass than I could ever dream to have. Do you need a dog that matches your level of on-point? Because I think Irina is IT. She's a mysterious little mixed breed with up to date vaccinations and the spaying process behind her.

Like most of the dogs on this list, she's been through and lot and her post-rescue process is still on-going. She can be quite anxious and unsure when out for walks or meeting new people, but she can be easily distracted. She loves to go on hikes, play games like Frisbee, and anything else that lets her run around the great outdoors.

To learn more about Irinaclick here or sponsor her here.



TJ is a young Boxer boy with little Lab Retriever mixed in. He's one year old and has the energy to prove it. He can be nervous in new situations but really chills out when his humans are there to calm him down. He definitely needs someone with a good grip to stay in charge on walks, but when it comes to cuddling up on the couch or in the sun, all is good.

Pictured on the site below with his foster brothers, TJ definitely benefits from some other dogs to mentor him into his new, confident self!

More info here or click here to sponsor TJ!

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