These 10 Cities Have Been Ranked As The Most Affordable Places To Live In Canada

Canada is a big BIG country, and with any large geographic space, the cultural and lifestyle differences from east to west can be like day and night.

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That said, the cost of living in a city is an important factor when considering moving and living in a new place.  Or - perhaps you're just curious as to what else is out there. Maybe the grass is greener on the other coast?

First off, a very convenient tool that is open for anyone to browse on the Canadian Rental Housing Index helped shed light on the most expensive cities regarding rent in Canada.

Here is a very convenient graph showing the "critical" spots, AKA where you will pay the most rent in Canada. You can also check out a very nifty interactive map here.

Via rentalhousingindex

Now - let's flip it around and look at where is more affordable. AKA the cheapest monthly rent. By ranking the average monthly rent in given major cities across Canada, we found some insight about the most affordable places to live across the country, here are the spots that made the cut.

10. Winnipeg, Manitoba

Average monthly rent: $1,362

9. Edmonton, Alberta

Average monthly rent: $1,314

8. Barrie, Ontario

Average monthly rent: $1,312

7. Halifax, Nova Scotia

Average monthly rent: $1,238

6. Charlottetown, PEI

Average monthly rent: $1,173

5. Abbotsford, B.C

Average monthly rent: $1,163

4. Hamilton, Ontario

Average monthly rent: $1,086

3. Montreal, Quebec

Average monthly rent: $1,085

2. Quebec City, Quebec

Average monthly rent: $914

1. Moncton, New Brunswick

Average monthly rent: $893

If you're shopping around and looking to get more insight on the cost of living beyond just rent, for example, cost of clothes, transport, food, etc. Then have a look at this great online tool here.

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