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These 10 Quebec Towns Might Be Tiny But Their Restaurants Are Fantastic

Amazing food and amazing vibes to discover.

Honestly, there's nothing quite like ending up in a cute town and discovering that their restaurants are mindblowing.

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In Quebec, we're chalk full of cute towns - and we're chalk full of good cuisine, too. A few spots in particular stand out, though, for being both seriously adorable, and having seriously awesome food.

1. Get to Lachute, Quebec for some good food

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Notable restaurants: Restaurant LaBelle, Le Pignon Vert

This small Quebec town is not only gorgeous, but also happens to be home to some of the tastiest restaurants in the province. LaBelle and Le Pignon Vert come to mind for their absolute slayage of casse-croute type dishes.

2. Get to Kamouraska, Quebec for some good food

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Notable restaurants: Poissonnerie Lauzier, Mamie Pataterie Gourmande

This waterside Quebec town has some of the most gorgeous views in the entire province, and its proximity to the water means that the seafood here is consistently fresh and delicious.

3. Get to Baie-Saint-Paul, Quebec for some good food

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Notable restaurants: Le Diapason, Ah La Vache!

A charming, hilly Quebec town near the water, the views, vibes, and food in Baie-Saint-Paul are all seriously on point. One thing's for sure: just one visit to this Charlevoix spot will have you raving about it legit forever.

4. Get to Val David, Quebec for some good food

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Notable restaurants: Au Petit Poucet, L'Epicurieux

Close to Lachute, Val David is pretty much a foodie's paradise. Home to tons of spots to taste some artisanal dishes, there isn't a restaurant in this Quebec town that isn't a standout in some way, shape, or form.

5. Get to Matane, Quebec for some good food

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Notable restaurants: La Fabrique, Chef Fred Poutinerie

Not only is Matane full of some serious charm and awesome vibes, but this Quebec town (situated on the Gaspe Peninsula) is also full of some of the best eats you'll ever have the privilege to try. So for your next foodie vacation, you know where to go.

6. Get to Hudson, Quebec for some good food

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Notable restaurants: Bistro Carambola, Le Cozy Cafe

Thankfully, Hudson is super close to Montreal - because honestly, if I had to be super far away from the food here, I just couldn't be able to do it. Although the restaurants are all incredibly special, Bistro Carambola and Le Cozy Cafe stand out in particular for their fresh and tasty dishes.

7. Get to Perce, Quebec for some good food

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Notable restaurants: La Maison Du Pecheur, Resto De L'Anse

Perce, Quebec is home to some gorgeous natural wonders, but this town by the water should totally be known for its food, too. Protip: try some seafood in this town, and prepare to have your whole world changed.

8. Get to Farnham, Quebec for some good food

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Notable restaurants: Diablemont Bon, Cantine Chez Roger

Close to Montreal, Farnham - roughly a 45 minute drive out of the city - is adorable, serene, and oh-so charming. Their food scene is out of this world, too.

9. Get to La Malbaie, Quebec for some good food

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Notable restaurants: Vices Versa, Le Patriarche

Pretty much a dream come to life, La Malbaie is home to some gorgeous spots to hike and admire nature. Their restaurants, though? So, so amazing. Vices Versa and La Patriarche stand out in particular, although no matter where you're eating here, you're in for a good time.

10. Get to Montebello, Quebec for some good food

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Notable restaurants: Le Cafe Entre Amis, Aux Douceurs Du Passant

About an hour and a half drive out of Montreal, Montebello is a peaceful, serene, and gorgeous town, and their dining scene is just straight-up awesome.

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