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These 11 Girl Bosses Are Changing The Game In Montreal

Celebrate National Women's Day every single day.
These 11 Girl Bosses Are Changing The Game In Montreal
Genevieve Beaulieu & Mahay Dumas-Tremblay Chrissy Cheretakis Genevieve F. Lapointe

Although International Women’s Day has already passed, we believe in celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women around the world every single day. 

Women are absolute powerhouses and they make up 50% of Canadian businesses started today. And Montreal is not short of amazing and driven female entrepreneurs who run have built their own successful businesses from the ground up. 

Take a look at these 11 girl bosses who are grinding day in and day out in order to make their dreams and ideas into reality:

Samantha Regimbal

This West Islander is actually quite impressive. Not only does she own three companies, she’s also helping other girl bosses turn their dreams into actual careers.

Her first company,Sugar and Spice, actually started as a side gig with both of her sisters. What was once a hobby, turned into a small business and has grown into a successful business that offers amazing bath and body products for people with sensitive skin.

With so much success over Sugar and Spice, Samantha turned another one of her passions into a new company called What’s Up West-Island?. WUWI is now a very successful online community for West-Islanders to get the inside scoop on what is up in their neighbourhood.

And as if that wasn’t enough, Samantha is also the founder of The Country Autumn Fair which brings local vendors together within the What’s Up West-Island? community.

Dr. Chrissy Cheretakis

Dr. Cheretakis is an inspirational #girlboss and her work as an orthodontist at Rockland Orthodontiste speaks for itself.

It’s pretty impressive reading Dr. in front of anyone’s name but not as impressive as running your own orthodontics office, just like this Dr² is doing. Yup, you read that right: doctor squared! Studying to be an orthodontist wasn't enough, so Dr. Cheretakis also holds a PhD degree in the medical fields of hematology, immunology and bone marrow transplantation!

But honestly it's not just her education or achievements that make Dr. Cheretakis such an inspiring entrepreneur. It's the way she runs her business! Dr. Chrissy, as she's affectionately known, truly gets to know her patients in order to help figure out what treatment plan suits them best in a relaxed environment equipped with state-of-the-art technology.

All this and a successful orthodontics office that she built from scratch! Dr. Cheretakis build up her office while raising two super young kids - now that is #badass! And to help make Rockland Orthodontiste the best space for her patients, Dr. Cheretakis sought out leading industry expert designers and architects from the USA for a uniquely comfortable, sleek and modern clinic unlike anything else in the city. As if all of that wasn't cool enough, Dr. Chrissy Cheretakis is also very active in her community and gives back to support schools and local organizations!

This girl boss shows just how passionate she is about helping people by being available to her patients whenever they need her and by making sure they feel comfortable in her office. It’s no wonder that Rockland Orthodontiste has a five-star rating on Google!

Melissa Raptopulos

This young girl boss is the co-owner of a successful Montreal-based jewelry company, The Glaredwhich features effortless and minimalist styles inspired by women who feel comfortable in their skin and who live a life of passion.

The Glared is fuelled by Melissa’s passions along with her boyfriend Sinan who is the other co-owner. Last April, they both worked up the courage to launch The Glared and in June, they were finally able to bring their ideas to life.

Julia Mateian 

There’s a good chance that you’ve heard of this Montreal girl boss and it’s not just because of her impressive Instagram following. In fact, this fashionista turned blogger is responsible for The 26th Look, a lifestyle blog which focuses on Julia’s travels around the globe and her beautiful street styles.

She recently partnered up with Montreal-based salon, Le Manoir to create a capsule collection of all of her favourite looks. The collection is called Shop The 26th Look and it has been an absolute hit in the Montreal community.

Karine Lagacé, Francesca Demers, Melisa Alonzo & Jacinthe Drapeau Dalpé

If you’re located in the Old Montreal area then you’ve definitely walked by L’Atelier Coiffure & Esthétique. If you haven’t… well, you need to make sure you pay this salon a visit because not only are they the best in the city, the salon was founded by four bad ass beauty professionals who are passionate about their work.

And while a female-driven salon is pretty damn cool, the real seller here is the salon’s unique approach to high-quality services all at the same location. They offer a number of services including hair, eyelashes, waxing, nails and more. The best part? They offer joint services which allow guests to get two services at the same time. Perfect for the busy girl boss in you!

Julie Dumais 

Got a summer vacation planned? Need a bikini? Then you’ll want to check out June Swimwear, a bathing suit company based in Montreal and created by the talented Julie Dumais in 2009 after a visit to Australia, which inspired her to create bathing suits for surfers who needed something that looked good but would also stay in place.

Since then, June Swimwear has grown to a very successful and known brand all over the world, shipping internationally and offering girls of all shapes and sizes a beautiful bikini that won’t fall off while you shred the waves.

Eva Derhy

@derhyqueenembedded via

Picture Eva like Olivia Pope from Scandal. Although she’s not running the white house, she is the co-founder and managing partner at Derhy Law Firmlocated in downtown Montreal.

If that wasn’t bad ass enough, get this… At just 24 years old, Eva became a partner, just less than a year after becoming a lawyer. Talk about ambition and skills!

Derhy’s primary practice is mainly in business law, civil litigation, mediation, intellectual property, labour law, real estate law, administrative law and tax law.

Sonia Zarbatany

This girl boss is all about babes supporting babes and you’ll often find her speaking at events. When she’s not influencing and inspiring young entrepreneurs, you can find her at her office working hard as the President of fashion powerhouses Vince Camuto& Bernard Chaus Canada.

And to top it all off, she’s a mom of two with a rocking six pack. Is there anything Sonia can’t do?

Mahay Dumas-Tremblay & Genevieve Beaulieu

These two Montreal natives are the founders of the very successful Nuda Canada, a company which offers tanning products with airbrush application as an alternative to dangerous tanning beds. They currently offer three shades: latte, mocha and espresso.

Best part? All of the ingredients used in their products are all natural and never tested on animals which is definitely a plus in my book.

Geneviève Forgues

@genforguesembedded via

This girl boss and mom of two started a children’s fashion company called Les Petites Natures during her maternity leave. During this time, Gen had the help of her mother-in-law who is a seamstress. What started out as a hobby quickly turned into a passion and ultimately, drove this female entrepreneur to turn her ideas into a reality and a fully operating business inspired by minimalist cuts and natural materials.

Ashlinn Cassidy

Founder of Montreal spa,Barbarella, Ashlinn has grown her company to a known name around the city. What started out as a tanning studio quickly turned into a multi-service spa offering nails and waxing too! And to think that it all started in 2009 after experiencing her first spray tan at her sister’s wedding.

All of these Montreal women have not only put in a tremendous amount of time into their passions but they’ve also paved the way for future female entrepreneurs in the city to go out there and pursue their dreams.

Not only are they well educated but they’ve managed to create their own companies from the ground up, like Dr. Chrissy Cheretakis who runs the Rockland Orthodontiste, a contemporary and comfortable orthodontist office which specializes in treatments like Invisalign and clear/invisible braces in the town of Mont-Royal (100 Rockland Rd, Suite 100).

So if you're looking for an orthodontist who is not only reliable but passionate about the work she does then consider booking an appointment with this bad ass girl boss online. You'll leave motivated and with a beautiful smile!

Get inspired by these #girlbosses, and if you’re interested in finding out more about Rockland Orthodontiste’s services, make sure to check out their website and Facebook page.