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These 12 Cringeworthy Confessions About "Missed Romantic Connections" On The Montreal Metro Are Absolutely Hilarious

If you haven't dived into the world of Spotted: STM then you're seriously missing out. The Facebook group exists for Montrealers to come together and share all the absurdity that occurs on public transit and it is hilarious. But it's more than just funny...

People have long used the Facebook page to confess their missed romantic connections. Locked eyes with a cute guy or girl on the metro, just as your station was announced? Now you can do what the people below have done, and seek out these missed connections... maybe you'll even find some romance!

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TL;DR The Facebook group Spotted: STM lets commuters reach out, into the abyss of the Internet, in the hopes of salvaging that missed connection with a potential soulmate on the 24 Sherbrooke Ouest.

Each of these posts shows that you can't let an opportunity at love pass you by like the last metro train on a Friday night...

Instead, take a creepy picture and hope they'll see it and reach out!

"To this really handsome guy on the 201 Tuesday December 4th around 10:30 am I have almost no hope that you will see this post but ahaha we never know :) I was sitting right in front of you...!!!"

Honestly this page gives me the impression that the girls in Montreal are kinda... well...

Let's say "hungry for love."

"To the beautiful blonde I saw at Sauvé station around 10pm last night. You walked forward and your arms moved back and forth synchronously. Your walking speed was around 3km/h, which is slightly higher than what Google maps suggests [...] You talked on the phone when a car horn not too far from you and you immediately went back, suggesting that your hearing is developed enough to be able to hear during a conversation. Upon entering the bus, you showed excellent coordination by taking your bus pass and placing it directly on the machine. I must admit I was more than seduced by these features and I think you could be my next wife. I have excellent coordination and good posture, which makes me a good candidate for breeding. I love you"

Some people take mating seriously!

"Hello! I want to appraoch the pretty lady with red hair and green eyes she wore a black hat and a green jacket! I didn't have time to tackle it plus it's not even 8 in the morning XD! I went down to Atwater! Comment if you see this msg you are really cute."

But at least he kept it PG! And kudos for respecting the human right to peace and quiet before 10 AM.

These Montreal dudes have it figured out. Like this guy, y'know... buy them a drink first:

"To the nice red-haired lady with whom I talked fashion and Faubourg in the photo studio line last Tuesday: it was a very pleasant wait, and I would like to continue this conversation around a beer, as I should have offered you on the spot!"

Also, I don't know if there are just a lot of redheaded girls in Montreal...

Even better, maybe it's just one beautiful girl?!

'Cause this guy too:

"On the last metro, direction Montmorency, December 7... I ran into you, red hair, green eyes, green coat. You were talking another language (Spanish? ) with your 2 friends. I smiled at you when we looked at each other, I had a red hat. You have a great energy."

What do you think?!

Did three separate guys just fall in love with the same red-headed girl thanks to the public transportation?!

I friggen hope so.

"Ok, well, here I go ahha spotted: to the beautiful tall boy who was on the blue line, direction St-Michel on the 16th Nov around 18 pm. I was with my best friend, we looked at eachother a couple times, we smiled at each other. I got out at Castelnau station and I couldn't talk to you because I was embarrassed, but know that I regret leaving because you even made a sign of that I should come to you 😕 anyway you were tall with a black hat, you had headphones and a very beautiful smile (I was the girl with the white coat and black pants :p)"

The more of these I read, the more frustrated I get.

Because what if they never find each other?!?!

"Spotted: to the girl in jeans, brown hair, brown eyes with a lot of bags, direction Montmorency Thursday the 15 around 7:15... help me find her there was eye contact, it's a big deal ahahahaha"

I think that this page shows how hard it is to just throw caution to the wind and talk to someone that gives you those butterflies. 

And sometimes even when you do... it doesn't go off quite as planned:

"Spotted: to the group of drunk guys (who really made my night) in a car heading to honoré beaugrand. you landed in viau and you, big talker, after leaving the car, you asked me for my snapchat... not your best move ... better show yourself"
- girl with wool coat

Even writing on this page, under the guise of anonymity, it's still going out on a limb and it can be scary!

But at least this process takes your stupid friends out of the equation:

"Spotted: to the pretty lady I saw in the subway today on the blue line at Jean-Talon. You were wearing a green coat and you were moving a lot --  I would have approached you, but my friends wouldn't let me... if you recognize yourself, like this post I would love to get to know you"

And that's the crux of it all: at the end of the day, there really is a feeling when you realize you've met someone special...

When you know you know.

Like this guy:

"Spotted: the blonde girl in her 20's who takes 170 and wears burberry. Let's get that number quick. Shortie way to fine to be missed."

Oh ya, this guy knows.

And this is one of few that I can help but think: that girl is definitely going to know he's talking about her.

Not everyone on the 170 is wearing Burberry, guys.

And here's a bonus, just because:

I also have to include this pun master who deserves an award:

Love strikes in the most unexpected of places!

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