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These 14 Spots In Montreal Have The Most Instagrammable Neon Signs

I don't know exactly what happened in the last few years or so, but it seems like neon signs have made a HUGE come back. Which is awesome - there's nothing like a bright, glowing neon sign to step up your decor game. Or your Instagram game.

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Thankfully, Montreal seems to have gone full-steam ahead on this particular trend. There are a whole bunch of spots where you can see (and even pose beneath!) some of the prettiest neon signs you'll ever encounter; and there are even companies in the city who will make your own custom designed neon signs! So trust, if your 'gram is missing some glow, Montreal's totally got your back...

SeaSalt & Ceviche Bar

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351 Place Royale

Rose All Day? What a weird way to spell "best idea in the whole world."


Cacao 70 Factory

1751 Rue Richardson

Pose under a sign that says "un monde de chocolat" and then proceed to eat your weight in chocolate. Sounds like a good day to me!


Le Super Qualité

1211 Rue Bélanger

Hidden in Rosemont, this small Indian snack bar serves up some seriously tasty, authentic dishes, all under the glow of that beautiful neon sign.


Louise Boulangerie

6835 St Laurent Blvd

Fresh bread, fresh vibes and one seriously fresh neon sign.


Caffe Farina

3422 Notre-Dame St W

Honestly, who wouldn't want to pose under a "Ciao bella" sign?


Somwhr Liquor Lounge

401 Notre-Dame St W

Somewhr Liquor Lounge is quite possibly the king of cute and fun neon signs. Get a photo under all of them for maximum Insta goals.



1224 Drummond St

Two words: bless, fam.


Kampai Garden

1616 Saint-Catherine St W

At this stage in the game, all that's left to say about Kampai Garden is that coming here and admiring their gorgeous neon sign will give you absolutely 0 regrets. Just like the sign said it would! (Or... wouldn't.)


Cafe Therese

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5333 St Laurent Blvd

Beautiful (and empowering) neon signs and straight-up slick decors make this Mile-End/Plateau cafe one seriously Instagrammable spot!


Tommy Cafe

151 Saint-Paul St W

Although the original Tommy Cafe is beautiful, this cute neon sign actually comes from Tommy's newest, more food-focused location in the Old Port.


La Habanera

1216 Union Ave

Quite possibly Montreal's most famous neon sign, La Habanera's (very true to life) "All you need is love and mojitos" and neon flamingo signs remain one of the most surefire ways to up your Insta game in the city.


Koa Lua

1446 Saint-Catherine St W

Tasty poke? Check. Beautiful decor? Check. Cute and cheeky neons? Also check!



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551 Mont-Royal Ave E

Relax, have a drink, dance to some tunes, shoot some pool... and try not to get too overly hypnotized by one of the many cute and fun neon quotes put up throughout this Plateau bar.


Paquebot Mont-Royal

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123 Mont-Royal Ave W

If you've ever been to the OG Paquebot, then you know that this new(ish) Plateau cafe has chill vibes and delicious coffee in store for you. Oh, and that gorgeous glowy neon purple sign, of course!


Of course, there are also spots in Montreal that'll make you your own (totally, 100% custom) neon signs, in whatever font, design and colour you want. Just like Neonific, a Montreal-based company that can have your own neon delivered to your door in about 30 days' time.

For more information on how you can get your very own custom neon sign from Neonific, check out their official website and Facebook page!

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