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Photos Of Montreal Taken From A Plane Over The City Are Simply Insanity

This is Montreal by MANNY.
Photos Of Montreal Taken From A Plane Over The City Are Simply Insanity

Photo cred - MANNY

Capturing the beauty of Montreal in a single photo is nigh impossible, but one photographer with a plane comes pretty close. Snapping pics of the city from the sky, Montreal photographer MANNY has created another installment of his Montreal aerial-shots, this time taking to the skies when the summer sun beams down on the beautiful city.

Since start of this week (July 28th) MANNY has been posting three different photos of Montreal from the sky to his FB page, and will continue to do so 'til tomorrow, August 1st. Montreal's full breadth of beauty are seen in these photos, a refreshing change from the standard selfie at Schwartz's or Mount Royal Observatory pic.

A passion project for MANNY, these photos were taken simply because he loves his profession and the city. An ulterior motive behind the project is MANNY's desire to improve people's news feeds, as  he is tired of the many cat pics and other lame photos that regularly dominate Facebook.

Witness the sublimity of Montreal from the skies on a sunny summer day through MANNY's photos below. Be sure to head to MANNY's facebook page, and check out the nighttime photo series too.

For more MANNY please follow him on facebook & Instagram.

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