These 20 Pictures Of Montreal's Expo 67 Will Leave You Speechless. There Are No Words

Photo cred - Archives de Montreal

Let's take a trip back to the summer of '67, when Montreal hosted the International and Universal Exposition, better known as Expo '67.

Considered the most successful World's Fair of the 20th century, Expo '67 was a monumental event for Montreal, and Canada (the nation was celebrating its 100th bday). 62 countries participated, and now, through the photos below, you can take part in the summer magic of '67 too. Take a look below.

Before The Simpsons, Montreal had a monorail!

Willy Wonka much?

World Peace... But for how long? lol

Oh wow look new technology!!!

A Mountie in Quebec? Times were a lot different indeed.

That looks like a alien spaceship landing bay we'd say.

The drink of choice, a very very wise choice!

25 cents won't even buy you a phone call now... Damn!

Umm, why don't we still have this?

The Habitat being built, very cool.