These 20 Pictures Of The 1998 Montreal Ice Storm Are Incredible. So Glad We Survived It

You may think last month's ice storm was bad, but that 'lil whirlwind of icy snow was nothing compared to the maelstrom of winter winds that was the 1998 North American Ice Storm. Remembered as The Great Ice Storm of '98, for good reason, the icy tempest was a combination of smaller storms that formed into one giant beast of epic proportions. Ravaging parts of Ontario and Quebec, the storm caused major damage to trees, power supplies, and even people, with 35 fatalities. Not so fun fact: the ice storm forced the deployment of over 16, 000 Canadian forces personnel, the largest since the Korean War.

No city in the storm's path was sparred, with Montreal receiving a huge wintery blast of damage. If you were in the city during the ice storm of '98, than you remember how intense it was. If you weren't, consider yourself lucky. Either way, remember all the damage done to nature and the city in our collection of photos documenting the aftermath of the Great Ice Storm of '98 in Montreal.

Frozen solid

The clean up crew

Dem trees got pwned

McGill Memories

City streets

Beware of falling frozen trees

Still lookin' pretty Montreal

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