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20 Photos From The 1976 Summer Olympics In Montreal

The stage was set for the city to make its mark on the world.
20 Photos From The 1976 Summer Olympics In Montreal

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Gearing up for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, let's take a look back into Olympic-Canadian history, way back to the first time the Olympic games were ever held in Canada: the 1976 Montreal Olympic Summer Games. Yes, before Calgary and Vancouver, Montreal took the world stage, with lasting influences still in our fair city today. And yes, I mean the Olympic Stadium.

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Expo 67 definitely prepped Montreal to be an international hub, but the '76 Olympics truly put Montreal on the map. People form around the world got to enjoy the beautiful Montreal summer, eat some poutine, and take in the awesome of our city, all while watching some sexy pro athletes. Canada may not have one any gold medals, but Montreal still made the nation look good.

For a glimpse into the historic event, take a look at the vintage photos we've compiled below.

Sandra Henderson and Stephane Prefontaine carry carry the Olympic flame on the last relay before the torch is lit.

Game on.

The Olympic stadium never looked so beautiful.

Mens fencing final, watch your eyes now!

Finland wins the 10000m, how you like these shoes?

Woodstock meets 1976 Olympics?

The marathon, what a grueling run.

Cuba on top of the world.

Row row row your boat.

Canada really knew how to grow some fair hair.

They would never let the games go on these days if the stadium wasn't complete.

Before  Jordan, Kobe or Lebron.

Flame on.

If the animals at the Bio-Dome only knew lol.


Queen Elizabeth II of England and Lord Killanin enjoying some sport.

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