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These Disgusting Pests Are Going To Be Infesting Canadian Homes This Fall

Maybe it's time to travel south for the rest of the year.
These Disgusting Pests Are Going To Be Infesting Canadian Homes This Fall

Thanks to the fall season we can finally bid farewell to the unforgiving summer heat, horrible rainstorms (only to trade it in for blizzards in a few months), and of course... the terrifying bugs every corner you turn. 

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TL;DR During Canadian Autumns three critters are out looking for a home to invade: Cluster Flies, Asian Lady Beetles, and Mice. Make sure all possible entryways and holes in your home are patched up before the pests can get in as they can wreak serious havoc once inside

This summer must have been the worst for bug infestations. You literally couldn't walk a few feet without witnessing a horrifying nest of giant spiders or a swarm of flies. Thank goodness all of that is finally coming to an end with the new season.

Well, you may not want to hold your breath on that one. Things may actually be getting worse.

Yes, it's true. Canadians are trading in summer bugs for disgusting autumn pests that are going to haunt us more than any Halloween event ever will.

Prepare yourselves, these three pests will definitely find a way into your home this fall.

1. Cluster Flies

Attracted to heat radiating from buildings and homes, the flies will actually secrete pheromones letting other flies know your house is the place to be. They can easily get in through small cracks or holes and it's not long before dozens of them start swarming one area. 

2. Asian Lady Beetles

No, this is not a lady bug. These little critters actually boast a pretty mean bite and tend to travel in large groups. They can easily find ways inside such as around door frames or windows. Then searching for areas with moisture and humidity and nest there. If you do get an invasion of the beetle, it's best not to try and squash them. The bug emits a foul odour when in large groups that gets worse as soon as they're squished, so you're better off going the catch-and-release route.

3. Mice

Yes, probably the most unwanted house guest on the list, both deer mice and house mice will be finding their ways into Canadian homes this fall. The worst part is that fall lines up perfectly with mating season for mice, so before you know it your house will be overrun by the rodents. Signs that you could have an infestation in your home include tiny droppings that look like rice or the discovery of a nest.

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The best solution to avoiding any of these nasty critters from getting into your home during the lovely Canadian autumn would be to make sure all holes and possible entryways for pests have been patched or sealed up. 

If all else fails, you can also place a few traps or call an exterminator to help with your infestation. Let's just hope we can all enjoy the season without the company of these unwanted house guests.


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