These 3 Montreal Metro Stations Will Soon Have Weed Stores

How convenient!
These 3 Montreal Metro Stations Will Soon Have Weed Stores

With the legalization of marijuana coming to Canada this summer, people are really wondering where they're going to be able to get their weed from.

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As you may or may not know, the SAQ is going to be controlling the legal distribution of weed in the province and they're going to be partnering with the SQC (La Societe quebecoise du cannabis).

Weed is going to be easier  to get in Montreal once it gets legalized. And I'm sure you'll be very interested to know that you'll be able to pick some up on your way to work.

That's right, there are going to be weed stores in and around a bunch of metro stations in Montreal. The SQC is still in the planning stages and marijuana isn't legal just yet so don't go barging into the metro demanding just yet.

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So far, according to LaPresse, the SQC plan to put stores at these stations:


Jean Talon


And they are strongly considering De L'Église as well.

Naturally, throughout the province, there are likely to be around 150 to 200 stores, but they are not firm on the number. The president of the SAQ, Alain Brunet, basically said that they will have any many as we need.

The city is definitely going to try to keep the cannabis stores away from schools and any locations where you will find lots of children. And, of course anyone under the age of 18 will not be allowed inside. They're also going to make sure that stores are not built within a kilometer of one another to avoid the creation of "ghettos".

The exact locations are going to take a lot of work to figure out because there are so many things to consider and the city is under a lot of pressure from, well everyone. So, try not to get too impatient. News is coming.


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