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These 3 Montreal Restaurants Ranked Best In Canada

Yet another thing to be proud about in the city.
These 3 Montreal Restaurants Ranked Best In Canada

Well, guys, I think it's pretty clear that Montreal restaurants are all. On. Fleek.

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Of course, we've all pretty much known this for a super long time. But it always feels that much better when an outside source confirms the obvious.

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Which is exactly what a website called Canada's 100 Best has done.

Ranking the 100 best restaurants in Canada, 3 Montreal restaurants have beaten out all others in the country and made it within the top 5.

Toque (900 Jean Paul Riopelle Pl), Joe Beef (2491 Notre-Dame St W), and Le Vin Papillon (2519 Notre-Dame St W) made it at #2, 3, and 4, respectively.

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The ranking is decided by a panel of chefs, food lovers, elite diners, and legendary restaurateurs, according to the website.

Several others made the list, as well, including Montreal Plaza at #11, and Milos at #36. Toronto restaurant Alo was ranked as #1. 

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To view the complete list, check out the ranking right here.

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