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These 5 Jobs Will Be Some Of The Most In Demand In Quebec For The Next 3 Years

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With an increasingly aging population, it's no surprise that Quebec's healthcare industry has an enormous amount of job opportunities for those willing to enter it. Studying to work in the public health field doesn't only secure you gainful employment and stable income, it also allows you to actually make a tangible difference in people's lives and interact with them on a more human level.

With such high placement rates and a wide selection of career paths to embark on, working in the healthcare sector is a viable, promising, and fulfilling goal if you thrive on human connection and want to participate in that type of role on the daily.

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Read on to know more about the five jobs that will be readily available in this industry for the next couple of years in Quebec.

1. Psychologist

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If you're a problem-solving intellectual with exceptional listening skills who loves to get to know people in depth, then you could be a great fit as a psychologist. Psychology is one of the health domains that opens up the most diverse career options, and you can work in a wide range of facilities.

As a psychologist, your goal is to help individuals better understand their thoughts, emotions, and behaviour, as well as aid them in overcoming personal struggles. You'll make breakthroughs with people of all walks of life. By figuring out what makes someone tick, you can alter their coping mechanisms and favour their overall wellbeing.

2. Nurse Clinician

Being organized and able to manage high-stress situations are key to being a successful nurse clinician. This role entails managing various nursing care services and evaluating patients' health. What's more, nurse clinicians must use their extensive knowledge to create and provide care programs for individuals suffering from complex health issues and those with varied biopsychosocial dimensions.

This important role requires you to be a true people-person who takes initiative, as you'll be training staff, coordinating teamwork, and advising numerous colleagues and interdisciplinary teams. You'll also be pinpointing patients' needs and identifying the different services that you must coordinate for them.

3. Hospital Pharmacist

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As a hospital pharmacist, you're THE medication expert. Especially considering the growing prevalence of complex drug treatments, ensuring that all pharmaceutical care dispensed is effective and safe is a must. Hospital pharmacists are indispensable as they provide tremendous necessary support to patients and other healthcare professionals such as doctors and psychiatrists. To practice, Hospital pharmacists must be members of l'Ordre des pharmaciens du Québec (OPQ).

4. Orderly

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Orderlies ensure patients' general wellbeing and primarly work in hospitals, CLSCs, CHSLDs, and rehabilitation centres. To make patients feel as comfortable as possible, these professionals assist them in their basic needs (dressing and undressing, feeding, bathing, changing bedding, etc.) This position requires patience, kindness, and the ability to follow strict procedures, since it demands tons of human interaction.

If you enjoy physical work, are in good shape,and want to provide necessary basic care and physical assistance (preferably with lots of smiles!) to help patients recover, you could be a successful orderly.

5. Specialized Nurse Practitioner

As a result of their advanced training and nursing experience, specialized nurse practitioners (SNPs) take on extra responsibilities in their specific fields. On top of working closely with doctors to identify health problems and follow-up on diagnoses, SNPs are now allowed to prescribe medication, diagnostic tests, and medical treatment plans. Plus, they can also carry out diagnostic techniques and medical treatments that are invasive or could result in injury.

SNPs must receive a graduate degree in their elected specialty from one of Quebec's participating universities. The Ministère de la Santé et des Services Sociaux offers scholarships to aspiring SNPs. Whether you're looking to specialize in adult care, mental health, neonatology, pediatrics, or primary care, you have to pass the Ordre des infirmières et infirmiers du Québec (OIIQ) exam.

If you're looking to undertake a valued role within the healthcare industry, these five jobs will be in high demand for the next two years, so jump on your chance to leave a mark in this world! What this pivotal industry actually needs is human-care experts, like you.

For individuals who like human interaction and want to make a difference in other people's lives, the healthcare industry is ripe with career opportunities; it needs motivated, hard-working grads to fill them. You can take your pick from over 45 jobs in the healthcare and social-services sector.

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