These 5 Montrealers Are Biking 10,000 km Across Europe To Raise Money For Their Best Friend With MS

Friends, I've been writing articles on MTL Blog for quite a little while now. And although I have tons of favourite types of posts, nothing warms my heart more than when I get to post about people doing good.

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Like these 5 friends from Montreal who are biking across Europe to raise money for their best friend.

via @granddefidubois

Francis, Jean-Philippe, Cynthia, Audrey-Anne and Vincent are 5 friends from Montreal with one goal: to get their friend, Francois Bernier, to Tomorrowland.

According to their Facebook page, Francois has lived his whole life with spinal amyotrophy, a type of muscular dystrophy.

via @granddefidubois

His five best friends have been by his side since elementary school, and they do some super fun things together, like attend music festivals.

So far, they've been to Escapade, Digital Dreams, and Osehaga - to name a few. Actually, you guys might remember Francois: he made headlines when he crowd surfed Osheaga in 2015. But his real dream? To get to Tomorrowland.

via @granddefidubois

Of course, his friends are doing whatever they can to help him out! They created the Grand Defi Dubois to collect donations for the cause; they're cycling across most of Europe (through 25 countries and 10,000 KMs) hoping to collect $10,000, so that their friend can realize his dream of going to Tomorrowland.

They've been touring from March - July, and are currently almost done their tour. But it looks like they're going to reach their goal:

Congrats, guys!

To check out more about the Grand Defi Dubois, check out their Facebook and GoFundMe pages!