These 7 Montreal Restaurants Ranked Among The Most Romantic In Canada

Make a reservation quick! Valentine's Day is almost upon us.
These 7 Montreal Restaurants Ranked Among The Most Romantic In Canada

Valentine's Day is now two weeks away, which means that you're probably starting to think seriously about the details of your romantic evening.

If you haven't figured out what you want to do with your day yet, we've got you covered with a list of date ideas.

And, if you're more concerned about the price, we compiled a list of restaurants which offer prix fixe menus at great prices.

Of course, when compiling a list of restaurants for Valentine's Day, we have to include romance as a factor. A restaurant's ambiance can easily make or break a date, and booking a reservation at a new place can be a gamble, because you don't know what setting to expect.

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TL;DR Trying to find a restaurant with the perfect romantic ambiance can be tough, but you can find below the official list of Montreal's most romantic restaurants.

Luckily, Open Table has just released its list of Canada’s 100 Most Romantic Restaurants. 7 Montreal restaurants are included in the list, and Montreal ranks fifth overall for the most romantic city in Canada.

The following restaurants were chosen from reviews submitted last year. According to Open Table, "the overall score is made up of unique data points, such as overall diner rating, user klout, total number of reviews, and regional overall rating."

This means that you can feel confident booking a table at any of the following restaurants, because they have been thoroughly vetted.

Hope you have a good Valentine's Day, Montreal!

L'Ile Flottante

Where: 176 Saint Viateur West Street, Montreal.

What: This Mile-End restaurant serves up creative and delicious French food. They offer set menus, and expertly pair wine to their dishes. This is truly the epitome of the French dining experience.

Price level: $$

See their menu here!


Where: 447 St Francois Xavier St, Montreal

What: Bonaparte prides themselves on classic French cuisine that will withstand the test of time. Their menu includes satisfying dishes that everyone associates with French cuisine, such as "seafood and fish linguini with lobster sauce" and "Venison medallions, mushroom ravioli, red wine sauce."

Price: $$$

Check out their menu here!

DaVinci Restaurante

Where: 1180 Bishop St, Montreal.

What: You can probably guess from the name that DaVinci is an Italian restaurant. Located in an old three-story Victorian home, the restaurant has a classic ambiance. What the name doesn't convey is the refined nature of all of their dishes. One customer favourite is the beef carpaccio.

Price: $$

Check out their menu here!


Where: 1065 Rue de la Montagne

What: Europea is one of Montreal's most famed restaurants, and definitely a great place to go for a very special occasion. In 2018, it was ranked in the top 25 best restaurants in the world. The menus are prix fixe, and you can pick either the 5-course or 12-course option. Get ready for creative dishes and a magical experience.

Price: $$$

See their menu here!

L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon

Where: 1 avenue du Casino Casino de Montréal Pavillon du, Québec, RL, Montréal

What: This restaurant is located in Montreal's glamorous and vibrant casino. The restaurant is named after the famous chef Joël Robuchon, who owns equally famous restaurants all around the world and has more Michelin stars than any other chef. The menu includes classic and refined French cuisine, and the restaurant is offering a set menu on Valentine's Day weekend.

Price: $$$

Check out their menu here!


Where: 124 Rue Prince Arthur E, Montreal.

What: ONoir proposes a unique dining experience: one that is in the total darkness. This restaurant concept has been popping up all over the world, with incredible success. Eating in the dark heightens your senses, which means that you taste food in a way that you never have before. It's a unique and romantic dining experience.

Price: $$

Check out their menu!

Portus 360

Where: 777 Boulevard Robert-Bourassa, Montréal.

What: This restaurant boasts one of the best views in the city. Diners can enjoy the view from all angles, because the restaurant rotates 360 degrees. Portus 360 serves up classic Portugese food, like bacalhau and other delicious seafood. The chef, Helena Loureiro, owns two other successful restaurants in Montreal.

Price: $$$

@portus360mtlembedded via

Check out the menu here!

Happy dining!

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