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These Adorable "Animal" Bao Buns In Montreal Are The Best New Trend Of The Summer

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These Adorable "Animal" Bao Buns In Montreal Are The Best New Trend Of The Summer

Montreal is known across the country for it's incredible eats. Whether that be because of the incredible food festivals that are held non-stop throughout the year, or the unbelievable food creations that no one else in the world is brave enough to try. The point is, if you're a foodie, you have to live in Montreal.

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Sometimes food creations end up being super cute and adorable. It can get too cute sometimes, to the point that you rather just cuddle up with what you're supposed to be eating. That is definitely the case for the insane bao buns at Pâtisserie Harmonie. 

These dessert buns are made to look like your favourite animal and come in a bunch of different flavours to satisfy even the most picky of the food fanatics. From adorably realistic hedgehogs filled with taro paste to Hello Kitty custard baos, you'll probably end up getting an entire box of these little guys.

The baos are made fresh daily so you can guarantee the buns will be the softest and fluffiest thing you have ever held in your life. If you can get over how cute they are and take a bite, you'll be blown away by the light and delicious flavour each bao bun offers.

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These animal bao buns are definitely the new food trend in Montreal, so if you're planning to head over to the restaurant and buy some you may want to go right when they open, these things basically fly off the rack!

For more information and an entire list of all the bao bun flavours, check out Pâtisserie Harmonie's facebook page HERE.

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