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Montreal's 68 Metro Stations Recreated As Works Of Art

An official banner for every single station.
Montreal's 68 Metro Stations Recreated As Works Of Art

Montreal's metro stations are works of art. Okay, maybe that statement rings true for some of the more architecturally and aesthetically pleasing stations, but no one can deny the unique vibe inherent to each and every metro stop. Montreal artist Gregory Taillon recognizes the beauty of the city's metro stations, and decided to create his own artistic ode to the stations he adores.

68 stations make up Montreal's metro system and Taillon has created a banner for every single one. Taillon's banners reflect the distinct features of every station, and even without the name included, you could probably tell which stop is which solely by looking at the picture.

Here are some of our favourite of Taillon's work below.

Green Line

Orange Line

Blue Line

Yellow Line

To see every single metro-banner, check out Taillon's website here.

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