These Are Montreal's 21 Swings At Quartier Des Spectacles

Spring officially swings into musical action.
These Are Montreal's 21 Swings At Quartier Des Spectacles

Cover photo cred - Quartier des Spectacles

Everyone's favourite public art installation, 21 Swings/21 Balançoires, has returned to Quartier des Spectacles.

21 Swings hasn't changed. Rows of colourful swings have been set up along President-Kennedy between St-Urbain and Jeanne-Mance, and with but a playful push, every swing sings a musical note, each one sounding like a different instrument.

Anyone can swing on a swing, meaning anyone can play these playful instruments, and that's the whole point: to bring Montrealers together in harmony amid the frantic energy of downtown.

Whether its 3pm or 3am, these swings really do add cool vibes to the city. Music and childhood joy are intertwined, and its probably the only time you'll be able to play on a set of swings without looking out of place on a playground.

The swings will keep singing until June 1st, so enjoy two months of melodic playfulness Montreal!

How much do you love the musical swings?

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