These Are Montreal's 8 All-New Murals That Your Eyes Need To See Soon

This city keeps on getting more and more colourful, one wall at a time.
These Are Montreal's 8 All-New Murals That Your Eyes Need To See Soon

Photo cred - MUmtl

Last week, downtown Montreal was beautified by the creation of 8 new murals along Savoie Avenue, from Maisonneuve to Ontario. An homage to the literary history and culture of the area, the new murals are a part of MU's latest project "murs à mots" and have brought words to life in the streets of Montreal.

The literature-inspired series of murals were not created solely for aesthetic purposed. Each mural is meant to create a more dynamic relationship between visual arts and literature, while also commemorating the literary history of the area, its many literary institutions, and certain authors, specifically Dany Laferrière.

"Murs à Mot" consists of 8 new murals, all produced by MU, a Montreal-based charity devoted to the creation of new murals and transforming public spaces in the city. Check out the new murals below.

Photo cred - Olivier Bousquet

Jason Botkin's "Murs à Mots" Mural

  • Inspired by Gabrielle Roy's "Bonheur d'occasion"

Photo cred - Olivier Bousquet

"Hommage à Dany Laferrière" by Gene Pendon

  • A new addition to the mural series "Hommage aux bâtisseurs culturels montréalais" which was created by MU in 2010

Photo cred - Olivier Bousquet

"Et si la bibliothèque contenait tous les mondes?" by Les Hommes de Lettres

  • A quote by Jorge Luis Borges

Photo cred - Olivier Bousquet

Five Eight's "Murs à Mots" Mural

Photo cred - Olivier Bousquet

"Inside This New Love, Die" by XRAY

  • A translated excerpt from the Rumi poem, the text reads: take an axe to the prison wall/escape/walk out like someone/suddenly born into color/do it now.

Photo cred - Olivier Bousquet

Unnamed William Patrick and Adam Sajkowski mural

  • A mish-mash of illustrations by Benjamin Rabier and children’s tales, including Little Red Riding Hood, Le Petit Prince, Haslo Cyklon, Anne of Green Gables, De La Terre A La Lune, Little Nemo in Slumberland, Joan of Arc, Br’er Rabbit, The Boy’s King Arthur. Middle quote from Little Red Riding Hood.

Photo cred - Olivier Bousquet

"Plonger dans un bon livre" by Bruno Rouyère and Dominique Desbiens

Photo cred - Olivier Bousquet

"Generations" by Gene Pendon in collaboration with Luc Saucier

  • A mural made to pay "homage to the Innu women of Northern Quebec fighting for respect and protection of their rich natural, historical, human and cultural heritage."

To find out more about MU and the work they do throughout Montreal, check out their official website, Facebook page, and Twitter feed here.

Many thanks to Caroline Marinacci for making this post possible.

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