These Are Montreal's Planned Future Metro Stations

The blue line's time to shine.
These Are Montreal's Planned Future Metro Stations

It's been a long time in the works, but Montreal's metro system may finally get some extensions/new stations on existing lines, after a bunch of research and studies are performed, of course. Nothing good comes easy.

L’Agence métropolitaine de transport (AMT) has been reported to be looking into the creation of new stations on the blue, orange, and yellow lines. Back in 2009, an office was created solely for this purpose, and five-ish years later, the initiative is finally re-gaining some steam with funding given to a new analysis on the logistics of extending the metro system.

The blue line is being given primary focus, as stated by ATM spokesperson Claudia Martin in Journal Métro, which makes sense, as previous research, and even land reservations, have already been made for future blue line stations.

Montreal's yellow and orange lines won't be entirely snubbed, though. The AMT still plans to look into the logistics of extending these two metro lines, but the blue line will come first.

Plans formed five years ago to extend the metro had the orange line fully wrapped around the city and joined together, the blue line extending to Anjou, and the yellow line connected to Pierre-Boucher Hospital and Édouard-Montpetit cegep. The plan could stay relatively the same or drastically change, but I think a huge loop orange line around the city would be pretty sweet.

Which metro lines do you think need extensions?

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