These Are All Of Quebec's Sexual Fantasies

Listing the population's sex likes and dislikes.
These Are All Of Quebec's Sexual Fantasies

Photo cred - a-violet-femme

Each and every one of us has a weird sexual fantasy. Don't deny it, it's totally fine. Mine involves a golden lasso and red boots (WW bondage wuddup) so no need to feel weird about it. We all have a strange sex wish we probably wouldn't tell the world, but it doesn't change the fact that we have them. A team of researchers at the Université de Montreal decided to delve into our deepest desires, and so enacted a scientific study to find out the typical sexual fantasy of adults in Quebec, reports CTV.

Asking over 1, 500 Quebecers for a full rundown on their most desired sexual fantasy, the study managed to wean out general themes and features of sexual fantasies, as no single fantasy dominated people's sex dreams. People are into different things, so no surprise there.

The study did find key differences between the sexes, with a majority of women having similar fantasies and the same with men. Here's a basic breakdown of the study's findings:

  • The "typical" female sex fantasy involves having sex in a romantic locale
  • The "typical" male sex fantasy was all about a guy having sex with two female partners, or in other words a female-heavy threesome
  • Around 30% to 60% of women had fantasies involving bondage and submission. Guess 50 Shades of Grey had a serious impact on some readers.
  • Whereas women don't really want to actually get down with their dark fantasies IRL, men reported to truly want to enact their sex dreams.
  • Men tend to fantasize about other sexual partners rather while more women reported the opposite.

Head of the study Christian Joyal also pointed out to CTV "one of the most intriguing findings" to be the strange and sexy array of male sexual fantasies, including sex with shemales, anal sex (for 'dem heteros) "and the idea of watching their partner have sex with another man.” Dirty boys.

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