These Are The Most Haunted Spots In Canada That You Must Road Trip To This Fall

The stories behind these spots are terrifying!
These Are The Most Haunted Spots In Canada That You Must Road Trip To This Fall

As Halloween approaches, there's going to be an obvious spike in tourists looking for the most creepy, historically terrifying, and haunted locations across the country. 

Sure, a simulated haunted experience at a corn maze or haunted house will do fine for some, but for others the only way to truly celebrate the season is to go to the places that can seriously offer some of the most horrifying stories and real life events imagineable.

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Canada is known for having a deep and super haunted history, so in order to make the most of the next couple months you'll need to decide which destinations are the most haunted and worth visiting.

Luckily, this list will help do that for you. Happy ghost hunting!

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1. Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel

Where: Banff, Alberta

Why it's haunted: Visitors and staff at the hotel frequently see a ghostly bride walking up and down the hotel's staircases. A few hotel suites are known to have resident spirits that try their best to make it hard for guests to have a good sleep.

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2. St. Louis Ghost Train

Where: St. Louis, Saskatchewan

Why it's haunted: An old abandoned railroad in the town is said to have a train light race down the track, changing in colour and brightness as it moves. Although most think it's a ghost train, others believe it may be a brakeman ghost that was beheaded by a train years ago.

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3. Craigdarroch Castle

Where: Victoria, British Columbia

Why it's haunted: The castle was built over a century ago for a local coal baron that died before construction was finished. Although the spot is now a popular tourist attraction, there are reports of a ghostly woman in white who gazes out the castle's windows and stands at the top of staircases, the sounds of children crying, and there's even a piano that begins to play on its own.

4. Blue Ghost Tunnel

Where: St. Catherines, Ontario

Why it's haunted: The tunnel was a scene for many freak accidents such as a teen crushed by a boulder, a train collision right outside the tunnel, and 107 men killed during the construction of the tunnel. Those who dare visit the tunnel report seeing strange lights, feeling like they've been touched or pushed, the sound of footsteps, children crying, and people whistling.

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5. St. Francis Xavier University

Where: Antigonish, Nova Scotia

Why it's haunted: The university is said to be haunted by nuns. Once a school for catholic girls, current students now report books flying across the room, footsteps, crazy elevators and apparitions. It's said the haunting may be due to a nun that fell in love with a priest way back when, but felt so much guilt that she committed suicide by jumping from the building.

6. Plains of Abraham 

Where: Québec City, Québec

Why it's haunted: One of Canada's most historical parks, it was where a pivitol battle between the French and British took place, including the famous Battle of the Plains of Abraham in 1759. Hundreds of soldiers died in the park, which is the cause of people reporting to this day seeing soldier-like ghosts roaming the tunnels and park fields.

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7. The Fairmont Empress

Where: Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Why it's haunted: It's said that the hotel's architect, who was murdered in 1935 by his wife's secret lover, frequently walks the halls. The ghost of the chambermaid is occasionally seen as well, she died in 1909 when she went to step out onto her fire escape that had been removed causing her to fall to her death. The most famous ghost is the eldery woman in a nightgown that leads guests to the elevator and knocks on doors.

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8. Five Fisherman Restaurant

Where: Halifax, Nova Scotia

Why it's haunted: It turns out the restaurant was once a funeral home. This was the building that took in the bodies from disasters such as the Titanic. Staff have reported unusual paranormal activity such as objects being moved and knocked over, taps turning on and off, spirits on the stairwells, and an apparition of an old man.

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9. Ottawa Jail Hostel

Where: Ottawa, Ontario

Why it's haunted: Although the building served as a prison until 1972, it was reopened only a year after as a hostel for travellers and remains one to this day. The building was the site of many executions and inhumane treatment of the prisoners. Staff and guests have reported the ghost of Patrick J. Whelan (assasinated Thomas D'Arcy McGee) frequently appears at the foot of guest's beds while they sleep.

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10. Peggy's Cove

Where: Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia

Why it's haunted: Legend has it that one of the original residents, Margaret (nicknamed Peggy) began her life there after surviving a shipwreck nearby. Her children died in the shipwreck, causing her to walk along the slippery rocks at night while she grieved her loss. One night, her husband went out on the rocks and danced in an attempt to cheer her up. He accidentally slipped and fell to his death, prompting Margaret to take her own life the same way. Visitors occasionally see a ghostly woman in a blue dress standing at the edge of the rocks, about to jump.


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