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These Are The 14 All-New Bike Paths Montreal Is Building In Le Plateau In 2015

Look forward to spring, cyclists.
These Are The 14 All-New Bike Paths Montreal Is Building In Le Plateau In 2015

Photo cred - Éric Rico Théoret

Biking season may be coming to a close (save for those intense winter cyclists) but Plateau bikers can look forward to a whole new set of bike paths once the weather warms in spring 2015.

14 new bike paths were officially authorized by the borough, reports TVA, all of which will total 10.3km in length. The new bike paths will be put in place at the start of next spring.

An important bike path to be created, noted TVA, is the added section on Prince Arthur, which will link St. Laurent and Hutchison. Borough Councillor Marianne Giguère notes this new bike route will create a very beneficial east to west connection for bikers, which are rare and can be complicated to set up.

To get you prepped for next cycling season, here are the 14 new bike paths to be put in place in the Plateau:

  1. Prince Arthur W, from St. Laurent to Hutchison
  2. Clark, from Rachel W to Villeneuve W
  3. Avenue de l'Esplanade, from Villeneuve W to Fairmount W
  4. Fairmount W, from Jeanne-Mance to Esplanade
  5. Jeanne-Mance, from Fairmont W to Bernard W
  6. Bernard, from Jeanne-Mance to Casgrain
  7. Casgrain, from Laurier E to Bernard E
  8. De Bullion, from Sherbrooke E to Laurier E
  9. Hôtel-de-Ville, from Mont-Royal E to Laurier E
  10. Villenueve W, from Clark to Hôtel-de-Ville
  11. Laval, from Prince-Arthur E to Mont-Royal E
  12. Gilford, from Montana to Chambord
  13. Marquette, from Rachel E to Mont-Royal E
  14. Avenue des Érables, from Rachel E to Masson

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